The sad news of Monarch Airlines............


The sad news of a great airline ceases to operate this year.  Having served since 1968, Monarch Airlines will never be forgotten and holds a special place in my heart.

I worked with Court Line from 1969 to their collapse in 1974 and I feel for not only all the staff and crew members, but also the 'forgotten' people in the background who supported this great airline. Those are the sub contractors such as Catering, Cleaning, Logistic companies just as an example who will also feel the pain of losing revenue and possibly, jobs too.

I have been asked by several customers to create some memorabilia as a tribute to Monarch Airlines, so 2018 Calendars, Fridge Magnets, Mouse Mats and Collage prints will be soon on my web site (they are already on ebay) to purchase. I have limited the number of each item as they will be a tribute, never forgotten.

Graham Alexander

Ex Court Line/Hawker Siddeley/BA

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