Court Line Aviation was a prominent British holiday charter airline during the early 1970s based at Luton Airport. It also provided bus services in Luton and the surrounding areas.

It helped pioneer the concept of "cheap and cheerful" package tours to Spain and other destinations in Europe, expanding it's network to the Caribbean when it bought L1011 Tristars,  thus taking part in the establishment of a whole new way of holidaymaking for the British public.

The airline, its parent company and its subsidiary tour operators Clarksons Travel Group and Horizon Travel ceased trading on 15 August 1974, with at least £7 million debts. 

Even today there are many Court Line followers of all ages all over the world, the airline being fondly remembered for its new concept in holiday charter operations both in the air and on the ground.

Airobilia is proud to be a part of that aviation memorabilia and has brought together a package of products from Court Line. These items are now very rare, sought after and unlikely to be repeated again.